Access Panel Introduction

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Access Panel Introduction

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Our Jigu Access Panel has 9 types.JG-A series is with 1mm aluminum frame and 0.5mm galvanized steel lid,white powder coated.JG-A01 is without lock,JG-A02 is with a cam lock.They are used in drywall.

JG-B series is aluminum frame and gypsum board inlay.JG-B04 is white powder coated,other 4 types are aluminum natural color.JG-B01 is without lock,other 4 types are with Concealed snap lock.Our gypsum board is 9.5mm or 12mm or 15mm thickness,it’s moistureproof.Our JG-B04 is popular because it’s 2mm aluminum profile,With sealing strips between inner and outer frames,also it has a safety rope and gourd hook.It looks perfect after installation.Our JG-B series are used in ceiling.

JG-C series is 1mm galvanized steel frame and lid,with white powder coated.JG-C01 is with a Square cam lock and a plastic key.JG-C02 is with a concealed snap lock.They can be used in drywall.

If you still don’t understand,you can find the photo of each model in our website and choose which one you like the most.

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