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You know where to set the repair port in the decoration of the time?

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Do you want to reserve repair port in a new renovation? Few people think about this problem, but it really is the actual need, then the home decoration where the need to set aside the mouth?

the first is the water maintenance, the time in the collection can be seen, the water is necessary to tighten the cover, otherwise it is likely to lead to leakage, and can only be removed from the ceiling. Now the kitchen and toilet are generally used integrated ceiling, so there is no need to reserve a special repair port, because the later if there is a problem, you can directly remove the aluminum plate maintenance on it.

Of course there are some owners of the home, in order to facilitate the paving tiles, will be sewn with red brick wrap, so, it looks like there is no reserved maintenance mouth. If this is sealed, then the late once the water pipe problems, you have to drop the brick, it is obviously not feasible.

So the general tile master will be paved in the finished tile, set aside a profile of the month, because the existence of this outline is very necessary! Because once found a problem, you can cut the maintenance according to the contours.

Followed by the circuit maintenance, home water and electricity is the two main characters! Left them both directly into the cave. Strong electric box is necessary to exist, carpentry master when playing counter in the counter behind to do a small door, so as to open the closet behind the door can find a strong box.

Installation of the bathtub is the need to stay in the mouth, the bathtub drainage system easy to wear, if not set up maintenance port, in the next drainage system damage, it is difficult to replace. Open-style direct wall brick edge, concealed installation of the mouth of the mouth panel, similar to the central air conditioning repair mouth panel the same equipment. The maintenance port is usually used as a drain and to additional drain is required. Can also be set separately.

General home to install the central air conditioning, there will be an air conditioning repair port, which is also easy to repair in the future, but many people feel that the mouth is too ugly. At this time, we can carry out the mouth and return to the mouth together, so that both beautiful and practical.

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Maintenance of central air conditioning

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(1) Improve the central air conditioning wood care equipment management system, the most basic work is to do the ensure that the required original records, statistical data accurate, real, timely and detailed.

(2)Strengthen technical training to improve the overall quality of operations, maintenance and management. Learning to study the new purchase of air conditioning wood care machinery equipment structure, principles, technical performance, operating essentials, maintenance specifications and other content, to enable users to master the mechanical equipment performance and daily maintenance knowledge, so that maintenance personnel clear mechanical equipment construction principles and technical standards know how.

(3)Improve the maintenance of mechanical equipment system, change the traditional maintenance mode, change the ”heavy maintenance of light maintenance” as “heavy maintenance minus maintenance”.

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Aluminum Windows and doors enterprises will enter a phase change

For aluminum doors and Windows companies,the greatest impact is cheap price and good quality,Mass  products have been unable to “please” new middle class,their demand is completely different against the middle class of 1960s and 1970s.They need not only high quality products,They also require green environmental protection and personalized fashion.For them, buying products should not only bring the value of the product itself, but more should be a kind of enjoyment and attitude towards life.

New middle class led the new demand for aluminum alloy doors and windows products in the past two years,it is changing the aluminum doors and windows industry imperatively.Aluminum doors and windows enterprises will also enter the period of change and adjustment under the green chain driven of the store.

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Jigu Access Panel Sales Status

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Jigu Access Panel is a famous and professional Access Panel Manufacturer in China,our main products areAluminum Access Panel with Steel Cover,Aluminum Access Panel with Gypsum Board inlay,and Steel Access Panel.Lock is available.With or without White powder coated.We have profile cutting machine and more than 200 molds for our production.We also have more than 20 years experience technicians work for us.Our service after sale is better than others cause we have 3 merchandiser follow each order and 2 QC test each product.

Now we have four new customers from India,New Zealand and Fiji,although they didn’t have many quantity,but they will have good quantity because our product is good enough and our price is the best than others.We can meet their requirement no matter what requirement they have,we are cooperating with each other to achieve win-win.

Jigu Access Panel is the best friend who can build business relationship with.They all trust us and do long business with us.

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Access Panel Introduction

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Our Jigu Access Panel has 9 types.JG-A series is with 1mm aluminum frame and 0.5mm galvanized steel lid,white powder coated.JG-A01 is without lock,JG-A02 is with a cam lock.They are used in drywall.

JG-B series is aluminum frame and gypsum board inlay.JG-B04 is white powder coated,other 4 types are aluminum natural color.JG-B01 is without lock,other 4 types are with Concealed snap lock.Our gypsum board is 9.5mm or 12mm or 15mm thickness,it’s moistureproof.Our JG-B04 is popular because it’s 2mm aluminum profile,With sealing strips between inner and outer frames,also it has a safety rope and gourd hook.It looks perfect after installation.Our JG-B series are used in ceiling.

JG-C series is 1mm galvanized steel frame and lid,with white powder coated.JG-C01 is with a Square cam lock and a plastic key.JG-C02 is with a concealed snap lock.They can be used in drywall.

If you still don’t understand,you can find the photo of each model in our website and choose which one you like the most.

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Access Panel Requirement

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We have two more Access Panel Requirement this week.One customer is from Canada,he needs 200 pieces access panel,but he wants to see samples before place order.I suggest our JG-A02,JG-C01 and JG-C02 for him,he needs access panel for drywall,and these three types can be used in drywall.He wants 6’’x6’’ or 8’’x8’’ size,we have 8’’x8’’ size but don’t have 6’’x6’’ size,so maybe the price of 6’’x6’’ is more expensive than 8’’x8’’.

The other customer is from Brunei,he needs 54 pieces of 600x600mm size,used in gypsum ceiling,I suggest our JG-B04 model cause it’s popular and good quality,it looks perfect after installation.

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